I am a middle-aged (yikes! when did that happen?), born-again (ran in high school and didn’t come back to it seriously until 2009), happy runner who wants to share his experiences with other runners through quantitative and qualitative descriptions.

According to my GPS watch, I have run my fair share of miles in various parts of the world.  I’m not saying that this a comprehensive guide, but it can help runners, especially marathon runners and out-of-towners, find new, safe(ish) routes to run, mainly in NYC, but other choice locales will be covered, as well.

By way of background, I run a moderate amount (20 miles per week on average), and have been doing so for about 8 years now.  During this time, I feel blessed to be able to train for and run in 8 marathons, 2 ultramarathons, and a number of relay races with a minimum of injuries.

I favor minimalist shoes and usually finish in middle of the pack in most races.  So, call me Joe Runner. I hope my experiences are useful for runners of all levels.