Manhattan: Murray Hill to the East River to the UES

Today, I had to get a short 5 miler in on the way home after a meeting in Murray Hill. Home is the Bronx, so I was trying to get into the Upper East Side to catch my Express Bus. So, here is where I went.


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Route Description:

(Run 4/1/15) That’s a start at 34th and Lex over to 1st Ave, north to the Queensboro Bridge where I jump on the East River path up to 96 with a 1 mile scramble around the UES to get to 5 miles. Started around 8pm.

Here are the objective-ish measures –


About 5.4 miles, if you can get your GPS watch to connect at the start of the run.



Hill Ratio:

I counted 12 hills for a hill to mile ratio of 2.22


That’s Cigarette-smokers Per Mile Run.  I counted 6 over this 5.4 mile run for a CPMR of 1.11.  Actually kinda noticeable considering many other routes I run in Manhattan are well under 1.

Safe after dark?

Mostly run in Manhattan so safe until about 10pm imho.

Crowd Scene?

Not too much to deal with except for Murray Hill and the UES below 90th.

Running Surface:

Sidewalks in the City and cinderblock on the East River.

Changing Station?

Not really. There is a little park on 87th east of 3rd Ave for a quick shirt change.  Jack Rabbits is also on Lexington between 84th and 85th. You can use their dressing rooms before closing time around 8pm.

Points of Interest:

In Manhattan, it is hard not to run by points of interest but here is a quick list –

The United Nations – The Queensboro Bridge – The East River – Roosevelt Island – Carl Schurz Park

Good for Groups:

Actually, yes once you get out of Murray Hill and onto 1st Ave/East River Path.

Safe from Cars:

Yes, the East River and UES above 88th offer fairly stress-free running.

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