Bronx: Einstein/Jacoby Medical Center – Home Depot for peaceful short- to medium-runs

For many runners, maintaining momentum is important during their run. Finding a short route that provides the fewest running interruptions can be important to a runner. For this reason, I present you with the Jacoby – Home Depot route. It can be a peaceful 4-miler and, yet, it can be so much more! If you tack on the 1 mile loop around the Home Depot-Planet Fitness shopping center, you can make this anywhere from a 5-miler to a 12-miler and beyond!

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Route Description:

(Run 8/5/17) This route starts at the driveway of 1935 Eastchester Road, near the intersection of Stillwell Ave. and Eastchester Road.

Head south to Morris Park Ave. and make a right.

About 400 meters later, make another right on Seminole Ave. and follow the street around the western side of the Jacoby/Einstein campus to Pelham Parkway South.

Make a right on Pelham Parkway South and continue until Eastchester Road.

At Eastchester Road, make a left and cross to bike path on the north side of Pelham Parkway (not Pelham Parkway North). Make a right on the bike path and follow it to Stillwell Ave.

Make a left on Stillwell Ave. and follow it to the right as it continues on to the east. Run on the long, continuous sidewalk in front of the United Cerebral Palsy/Hausman Campus.

Near the end of the campus, you will be forced to cross the street to continue to the end of Stillwell Ave. where you will curl left along E. Gun Hill Road around Kings Harbor Hospital.

Continue for two blocks to the stop sign right across the street from the Pelham Bay Diner. After you pass the stop sign, turn around and return the way you came for the four-mile route.

Bonus miles! If you want to continue adding miles to your run, you can loop around the Home Depot-Planet Fitness shopping center starting from this point across the street from Pelham Bay Diner.

For the additional 1-mile loop, continue running north along E. Gun Hill Road (be mindful crossing the two shopping center entrances) until you hit Allerton Ave (after the gas station).

Turn left on Allerton Ave. and follow two long blocks (Allerton Ave. becomes Gunther Ave. beginning with the second block).

When you reach Waring Ave., cross to the far side and make a left.

Follow Waring Ave. until you reach E. Gun Hill Road again (about 7 blocks) and make a left to the stop sign across from the Pelham Bay Diner to complete the 1-mile loop.

Return home from this point if you are finished with the loops or continue repeating the loop as desired.


4 miles to many.


Basically flat. Varies from 26 to 62 feet.

Hill Ratio:

0 hills for a ratio of 0.00.


0.00. No cigarette smokers encountered for the past five runs.


0.50. The 4-mile course places you within a half mile of a major highway for the middle two miles of the course. The 1-mile loop is entirely within a half mile of a major highway.

Safe after dark?

This route is pretty safe until dark.

Crowd Scene?

Very light foot traffic for the majority of the course. Most of the foot traffic you encounter will be in front of Jacoby Hospital along Pelham Parkway South.

Running Surface:

Sidewalk and asphalt.

Changing Station?

There is a Starbucks on the corner of Morris Park Ave. and Eastchester Road with serviceable bathrooms.

Points of Interest:

Good views of the Pelham Parkway and the Hausman Campus.

Good for Groups:

Great for group runs of up to 4. Most of the course is along neighborhood sidewalks so you can run 2 across comfortably for most of the course.

Safe from Cars:

As long as you are mindful of the light neighborhood traffic and at the entrances for Jacoby Hospital and the shopping center, you should be fine on this low-volume set of roads.

Prospects for a Break-Free Run: 

The major break point will be when you cross Pelham Parkway north to south or vice versa. With experience, you can time your crossings with minimal stoppage. Otherwise, most of the run can be done without a major break in momentum.

Friends Run Into During Run:


Is there a route you’ve always wanted to run, but wanted someone else to run it first in case of hidden axe murderers or marauding street cat gangs? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to cover it! Or is there any other route criteria you’d like me to cover? If so, drop me a comment below.

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