What is Running Routes Reviewed all about?

Welcome to Running Routes Reviewed!

I know, I know, you can find running routes all over the web. But the route is just the beginning.  Which route is safer? What kind of surface will I run on? Anything special to run by? What is the Hill index?  How about the Cigs Per Mile Rating (CPMR)?  What is a Hill Ratio or a CPMR?  Well, find out here!

Who am I? Just a happy runner who wants to share his experience with other runners through quantitative and qualitative descriptions. According to my GPS watch, I have run my fair share of miles in the various parts of the country.  I’m not saying that this a comprehensive guide but it can help runners, especially marathon runners, find new, safe(ish) routes to run mainly in NYC but other choice locales will be covered, as well.

Here is what a typical entry will look like:

Route Description:

This gives you the directions for the route run.


Total mileage with any special tempo changes noted.


Notable elevations of more than 150 feet noted here.

Hill Ratio:

This number indicates the number of rises/hills (greater than a 50′ climb) vs. miles run.


This stands for Cigarettes per Mile Run. Why? Because, A. Who wants to run on a notoriously smoky route, and B. its something engaging for me to do while I am running.

Safe after dark?

This is pretty subjective and this statement is made from a guy of color’s point of view.  This could be controversial, but it is based on my comfort level from running through different parts of town.

Crowd Scene?

Have you ever run through town and had to dodge people on the sidewalk or path like you were Erik Dickerson running the A-gap?  Well, some people like doing that to keep things interesting while others would prefer to avoid the distractions.  This gives you a good idea how things are at that time of day.

Running Surface:

I know most folks don’t like to run on cement, much less cinder block, so I try to let you know what to expect in this department.

Changing Station?

The Running Store at Columbus Circle has spoiled me. I can change in a clean dressing room without having to pay? Big plus, especially when I am only halfway home during my 90 minute commute. I’d argue this can be a game changer for some people who run after work.

Points of Interest:

What good is running if you don’t have interesting things to check out? Learn more about the things to expect on each of these routes.

Good for Groups:

I like running in groups, especially if it isn’t disruptive for everyone else on the path.  I don’t like when a gang of runners bears down on unsuspecting pedestrians. Consider this section when planning a group run.

Safe from Cars:

Whether you realize it or not, worrying about cars running you down from all kinds of blind angles, consumes brain power that you might prefer spending on getting the next perfect step in during your run.  And if you aren’t worrying about this while you are running, you may not last long enough to finish that 18-week marathon training schedule you drew up.  Find out which routes allow you to zone out in this section.

An more to come…

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