Bronx: Einstein/Jacoby Medical Center – Paulding Ave – Pelham Bay Parkway Loop

For those looking for a short, safe route around the Einstein/Jacoby Medical Center Campus, here are two loops to consider – a 2.4 mile loop and a 1 mile loop.

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Route Description:

(Run 7/28/17) This route starts outside the driveway of 1935 Eastchester Road near the intersection of Stillwell and Eastchester Road.

Head south to Morris Park Ave. and turn right. Follow Morris Park Ave. for about one kilometer (0.62 miles) and then make a right again on Paulding Ave.

In about a half mile, at the end of Paulding Ave., you will see the Morris Park Station for the 5 train on your left, turn right here onto Esplanade and head out to Pelham Parkway South.

Make a right on Pelham Parkway South and head back toward Eastchester Road, about another kilometer.

Make a right on Eastchester Road and return to your starting point at the driveway for 1935 Eastchester Road for a 2.4 mile loop.

Bonus one-mile loop! If your running preferences tend toward the shorter courses and all you need is a simple one-mile loop, then you can do this:

Start at the driveway of 1935 Eastchester Road near the intersection of Stillwell and Eastchester Road.

Head south to Morris Park Ave. and make a right.

Head up to the second entrance path (the one after the entrance with the stairs) to the Einstein Campus and make a right.

Head through the apartment complex, then over the path in the gravel parking lot, past the dog run (on your right) until you get to the service road for Jacoby Medical Center and cross to the western side.

Continue to follow the sidewalk until it hits Pelham Parkway South and make a right.

After about 200 meters, make a right again on Eastchester Road and return to your starting point.


2.4 miles for the Paulding loop or 1 mile for the Jacoby Medical Center loop.


Nothing too crazy. Varies from 22 to 104 feet with gradual inclines.

Hill Ratio:

0 hills for a ratio of 0.00.


0! Running through residential neighborhoods helps keep this low.


0.00. None of this course is within a half mile of a major freeway but it just barely qualifies on the Eastchester Road side.

Safe after dark?

I’d reckon the entirety of this route is pretty safe during daylight hours and into the darker hours with a running buddy. Very residential and mostly busy.

Crowd Scene?

Running through quiet neighborhoods allows you to really focus on your run and not on avoiding folks.

Running Surface:

Sidewalk and asphalt.

Changing Station?

There is a Starbucks on the corner of Morris Park Ave. and Eastchester Road with serviceable bathrooms.

Points of Interest:

Good views of the Pelham Parkway, a taste of the neighborhood, and a great overview of the Einstein/Jacoby campus.

Good for Groups:

Narrow sidewalks make this ideal for 2 up to 4 runners.

Safe from Cars:

Most of this route intersects with low traffic roads, however, you’ll cross one major road, Kingsbridge Road, twice will require a stop on a red light whereas the other traffic lights you’ll cross here are pretty lightly used. One caveat, watch out at the stop sign crossings around the Jacoby campus. Most drivers are not used to watching for runners crossing and will treat the stop signs as suggestions as they speed through their turns.

Prospects for a Break-Free Run: 

Pretty good. You are crossing mostly lightly used intersections during this run and you will only probably need to stop at both of the Kingsbridge Road crossings.

Friends Run Into During Run:


Is there a route you’ve always wanted to run, but wanted someone else to run it first in case of hidden axe murderers or marauding street cat gangs? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to cover it! Or is there any other route criteria you’d like me to cover? If so, drop me a comment below.

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