Manhattan: Downtown Post Office to UES via Broadway/Park Ave/3rd Ave

Feeling tired after yesterday’s interval training, I just wanted to log a few easy miles. However, I also wanted to stay engaged during my run and not zone out.  Running through the streets of Manhattan usually is good for keeping you on your toes and offering new and interesting ways to get decked during your run.


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Route Description:

(Run 4/3/15) I started from Church and Barclay in downtown Manhattan then headed east to Boardway.  Then, I ran north on Broadway to 14th, east to Park Ave, north to 37th, then east to 3rd Ave, and north to 86th.


5.91 miles



Hill Ratio:

10ish hills for a ratio of 1.69.


2.87 – almost 3 per mile. Not sure what the impact to my health is but probably a minimal difference considering all the other carcinogens floating around Manhattan anyway.

Safe after dark?

Safe to midnight since there are so many people around.

Crowd Scene?

Yes, goodness, yes! Don’t expect to hit a PR on this route.

Running Surface:

Cement and asphalt.

Changing Station?

None.  Maybe at Jack Rabbits on Lex between 84 and 85?

Points of Interest:

Views of the Freedom Tower, City Hall, Chinatown, Union Square, Grand Central, and Bloomingdales can be enjoyed on this run.

Good for Groups:

Not a good run for groups due to the crowds.

Safe from Cars:

Not really. But crossing over 100 intersections keeps you on your toes and engaged during the run.

Friends Run Into During Run:

1 (CO’L!)

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