Manhattan: Sample Sale Run – West Side Highway – Highline – Sample Sale

So, this week the Sample Sale Store was having a Sample Sale of Asics gear (up to 70% off retail – runs through Sunday). Of course, I had to stop by and map out a different route in the process. I thought that a detour through the Highline would be a horrible idea and I’d get to prove it here in this post. So, if you have a running friend who is staying downtown and really likes samples sales, this article is custom-made for them!

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Route Description:

(Run 4/16/15) This route starts at the Winter Garden near the North Cove Marina, works its way along the running path along the Hudson until 34th St. Then you cross the West Side Hwy to the 34th St. entrance of the Highline.  Take note: this entrance closes at dusk while the rest of the entrances close at 10pm. If you get here after dusk, you’ll need to go around to the entrance on 11th Ave and 30th St to get onto the Highline. Follow the Highline to the 28th St exit and head east to 5th Ave near 29th St to arrive at the Sample Store.


A surprising 5 miles (I thought it would be shorter).


Getting up on the Highline is the only real elevation to worry about.

Hill Ratio:

1 hill for a ratio of 0.20.


0.2.  Surprising since I ran through the city for about a mile and a half.

Safe after dark?

I’d reckon the entirety of this route is pretty safe until about 9pm.

Crowd Scene?

The run along the Hudson was pretty wide open. The Highline was a surprise. The path on the northern end was pretty spacious. So, I’d say on a coldish day, you should be good for up to a group. On a nice day, expect the worst.

Running Surface:

Sidewalk and cinder block.

Changing Station?

Nothing available on this route.

Points of Interest:

Great views of the Hudson, Hoboken, Chelsea Piers, Chelsea Waterside Park, The Highline, the Javits Center, the Frying Pan, and the Sample Store!

Good for Groups:

Great for group runs on a coldish day.

Safe from Cars:

Very safe until you get off the Highline. Then, you’ll need to pay attention to cars and bikes in the bike lanes on 8th Ave and Broadway.

Prospects for a Break-Free Run: 

Pretty good! You’re moving well until you exit the Highline. Then you are stopping pretty much every avenue until the Sample Store.

Friends Run Into During Run:


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